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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The McGuire’s of Scott County, Indiana

Francis A. McGuire - family history

Francis A. McGuire (Josiah Jackson, Josiah Jackson, Josiah, Francis) was born July 11, 1888 in Scott County, Indiana; and died January 03, 1972 in Scott Co., Indiana. He married Louise Elizabeth Hansen May 25, 1926 in Minot, North Dakota, daughter of Lauritz Hansen and Anna Sorensen. She was born July 15, 1906 in Odin, Minnesota, and died April 09, 1977 in Scott County, Indiana.

Automotive School in Cincinnati, Ohio. At about the age of 20 Francis applied for admission to the University of Louisville Dental College. Francis passed the entrance examinations and was accepted; however he declined to go to the dental college.

Military service:
In about 1916, Francis served in the US Army during WWI in France. He trained at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas and Camp Lewis, Washington. During his service in France he suffered great exposure, and was hospitalized with the flu, and was believed to be sick with the mumps also.

Between the years 1926-1939 Francis farmed his homestead in North Dakota; and returned to Scott County in 1939. The N. Dakota property was never sold, and remains in the family today.

160 acre homestead in Newtown, North Dakota; and also a farm in Scott County, Indiana.

Notes for Francis McGuire and Louise Hansen:

When Francis was in early twenties he searched for work out west, planting and harvesting crops in Iowa, and in North Dakota. It was in N. Dakota that Francis became acquainted with Louise Hansen. At the age of 12 Louise Hansen was working for Mrs. Sather in North Dakota and became aware of Francis McGuire, and what a find fellow he was. She wished she were old enough to marry him. By the age of 19, Louise had started dating Francis, and on May 25, 1926 they were married. The marriage was performed by Rev. White in Minot, North Dakota. Shortly after the wedding they boarded a train for Indiana, so that Louise might meet some of Francis's people. In July they returned to North Dakota, where the Ruby wheat was beginning to ripen for harvest. In the cold winters the McGuire family usually returned to their farm in Scott County, Indiana. The family would then return to North Dakota in the spring to work the soil, and plant the crops. After 1939 Francis and his family remained on their Indiana farm, even though the North Dakota homestead was never sold. Neighboring farmers continued to raise crops on the N. Dakota farm in exchange for a share of the harvest. Francis and his family attended church at the New Chapel United Methodist church about one mile north of their home along Bloomington Trail road.

Children of Francis McGuire and Louise Hansen are:

Francis Ivan McGuire, born July 23, 1927 in North Dakota.
Marvin E McGuire, born August 09, 1929 in North Dakota.
Eileen Rachel McGuire, born November 04, 1931 in Scott County, Indiana..
Byron Lyndon McGuire, born April 01, 1935 in Scott County, Indiana.
Infant Girl McGuire, born October 06, 1940.

More Notes for Francis Albert McGuire:

Francis A. McGuire was born just north of New Chapel church, at the intersection of Bloomington Trail road, and Salem road. Francis's father, (Josiah Jackson McGuire) later built another house on property that now belongs to the Indiana State Forest. A third home was built in 1903 with about $420 that Francis’s mother, Mary Eliza McGuire (Zaring) had received from the government as the result of her father contracting tuberculosis while serving in the Civil War.

Francis’s father (Josiah Jackson McGuire) was born April 10, 1858 in Scott County, Ind., and died 1928 in North Dakota. He married Mary Eliza Zaring December 27, 1883 in Scott Co., Indiana, daughter of William Zaring and Virginia Thompson. Mary was born July 31, 1864 in Scott County, Indiana or more likely Washington County, Indiana; and died June 01, 1939 in Scott County, Ind.

Francis A. McGuire’s siblings were: Emma Myrtle McGuire born December 16, 1884; died July 07, 1946 in Clark, Ind.; Grace May McGuire born February 08, 1890 in Scott County, Indiana; died August 26, 1953; Carrie Belle McGuire: born September 27, 1892 in Scott County, Ind.; died January 12, 1963


Francis A. McGuire’s great, great, great grandfather was also named Francis McGuire, and he was one of the early settlers of Scott County. As early as 1817 the Francis McGuire family were living about four miles west of the site of the Pigeon Roost massacre of 1812, in an area called Big Ox Creek. The creek which ran through the Francis McGuire farm was named Big Ox Creek, after Old Ox, a Delaware chief. Another early settler was Dr. John Richey and his wife, Sichey Collings, who were some of the survivors of the massacre at Pigeon Roost, and they also later settled in the Ox Creek area around 1822, and raised a family of 15 children. Dr. John Richey’s large brick home that was construct near Big Ox Creek, was about a quarter of a mile south of the Francis McGuire homestead, and were certainly neighbors.

Francis McGuire was born probably around 1775, and died about 1824. The family came from Lee Co., Virginia where they had been listed on the tax records from 1795 through 1813. At least three of his children - Sarah, Josiah, and Elizabeth were born in the 1790’s in Virginia. It is very likely that the McGuire family migrated from Lee County, by way of the Cumberland Gap... along with other early settlers.

Francis began paying for a Land Patent in the Big Ox Creek area of Scott County in the year 1817. It was a common practice back then, for early settlers to “squat” on the land a number of years before going into the land office to actually pay for the land. Francis purchased the 160 acres at the price of two dollars per acre on the “credit system” between the years 1817 through 1820.

1820 Francis McGuire Land Patent:

The Francis Land Patent (dated July 14, 1820) is for 160 acres in the northeast quarter of section twenty one, in township two north of Range six east of Scott Co., Indiana. The Land Patent was of the credit type, and it is documented in the Bureau of Land Management (eastern states) as Land Entry No. 3294, in volume no. 52, page 317. Francis McGuire made the following payments:

1st installment of $80 was made August 20, 1817
2nd installment of $143.18 on Oct. 27, 1818
3rd and final payment of $71.08 was made on May 2, 1820.

The northern 80 acre half of the land patent is also described in a deed recorded Oct. 5th, 1824 were Francis is listed as deceased. The deed was made on August 18, 1824 with Josiah McGuire buying the land from the heirs, John and Elizabeth (McGuire) Hobbs and Hector and Sarah (McGuire) Sparks, and James McGuire. The deed was signed by the heirs. The 160 acres is now part of the Emerson & Ronald Shirley farm. It appears that Francis McGuire died sometime between the date of the final installment on the Land Patent (May 2, 1820) and the writing of the deed on August 18, 1824.

Children of Francis McGuire and Mrs. Francis McGuire:

Sarah McGuire, born July 07, 1791 in Va., died Sept. 04, 1879 in Scott Co., Ind.
Josiah McGuire, born Bet. 1793 - 1794 in Virginia
Elizabeth McGuire, born Sept. 25, 1798 in Va., died Oct. 05, 1860 in Pike Co., Ill.
James McGuire, born Abt. 1800; died Abt. 1830

~ Josiah J. McGuire

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