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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Irvin Carroll McGuire - family history

This is my grandfather, Neuton Jasper McGuire, taken in 1917 in Galena, Cherokee Co, KS. Two in his uniform and one in civilian clothes. Probably taken the same day. I’ll download and send his WWI Draft Reg Card to go with the photo’s. As I recall, he was stationed in France. I have a knife he brought back. This must have been taken after June 5, 1917 when he signed the draft card.



Looking at his WWI Draft Card – it states:

Neuton Jasper McGuire
Age: 22
Address: 21st & Joplin St, Galena, Kansas
Date of Birth: Oct 16, 1894
Natural Born Citizen
Birthplace: Cherokee Co, Kansas, USA
Occupation: Mining, not employed
Signed: Neuton Jasper McGuire
Medium height, slender build, gray eyes, black hair
Galena, Cherokee Co, Kansas, Precinct 2
June 5, 1917.


My Grandparents: Anna May Huston and Neuton ‘Nute’ Jasper McGuire. I think this was taken about 1922-23 in Cherokee Co, Kansas.




This photo is Newton Jackson McGuire, son of Merry Lewis McGuire, son of Joseph, son of Merry, son of Francis. He went by Jack according to family. This was taken about 1945-46 at their house in Galena, Cherokee Co, KS. His wife is Druzilla A. Gandy. They are my great-grandparents – parents of my grandfather, Neuton Jasper McGuire.There is a story about the huge pumpkin in the basket. Grandpa McGuire won some sort of contest with his pumpkin. I think I might have the story somewhere – but it sort of goes like this – the pumpkin kept getting bigger and bigger so Grandpa McGuire put it in the basket and it just kept growing and growing.


This is Neuton ‘Nute’ Jasper McGuire’s Family taken in Galena, Cherokee Co, Kansas c1942

Front: Joy, Lonny, Dorothy and John
Back: Anna May (Huston) McGuire, Edna, Clella, Irvin and Neuton Jasper McGuire






Here’s a photo of us on our cruise to Mexico in October 2006.

Front: Evan Bugeda
Middle: Mary (Bittick) Gallano and Shereen (Sidkey) Bugeda
Back: David Gallano and Keith Bugeda

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