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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Howard Douglas McGuire - family history

Howard D. McGuire photo

Ruby Arnold writes: This is a picture of my Grandfather, Edward Marion McGuire, and his wife Gabriella Graham McGuire, with their children. My mother is sitting in her father's lap and the baby, Merton Dixon McGuire, in his mother's lap is the father of Howard Douglas McGuire, whose DNA is now being tested for the 67-marker.

Edward McGuire (born 4/14/1868, died 10/21/1923) and Gabriella Graham (born 3/1/1870, died 11/5/1965) were married in Jackson Parish, Louisiana in 1889. They moved to Red River County, Texas around 1894 and lived there the remainder of their lives. They had eleven children, only seven of whom lived to be adults.

Red River County was known as good land to raise cotton, and Edward began to raise cotton and was known as "The King of Cotton". However, he contracted typhoid and died at age 55. Gabriella McGuire lived to be age 95, had all her wits about her until the end. Edward's father was William McGuire and his mother was Elizabeth Delaney who had moved from Alabama to Louisiana. Gabriella's father was Richard Addison Graham, who was born in Revere, North Carolina, and her mother was Virginia Pullen, from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Her parents were both schoolteachers in their area of Louisiana.

~ Ruby Arnold

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