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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mark Curtis McGuire - family history

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009
Subject: DNA testing results

Hello Josiah,


You’re correct that my kit # is N35961.


Upgrading my DNA testing is something that I’ve been considering for a while, but just haven’t done.  After reading your email, it sparked my interest, so I ordered the upgrade today. 


Based on what I have learned from my father (Verlon), Pat Meguire and Jim McGuire I believe my lineage is as follows:


Thomas McGuire (1715-?) & Agnes Wiggins [Pat indicates very likely, but not yet proven]

Timothy McGuire (1740-1791) & Mary Finney  [information provided by Pat]

Thomas McGuire (1775-1819) & Elizabeth Margaret Hayes  [again, provided by Pat]

Isaac McGuire (1808-1859) & [probably] Margaret Tate  [also from Pat]

James A. McGuire (1827-1889) & Nancy Caroline McCain [information from Verlon]

James I. McGuire (1860-1952) & Sarah Bennett  [from Verlon]

Adolph E. McGuire (1911-1985) & Ruby C. Lewis

Verlon A. McGuire (b.1931) & Marion E. Pfingsten

Mark C. McGuire (b.1961)  


Thanks for the information that you provided, and for all your work on the web page and projects.


Mark McGuire

mmcguire at


Hello Mark, please send me a write-up on your family history; and any photos you might want to have displayed on this page.

Photos like... maybe of your father, grandfather; great-grandfather and any other photos of you or your family; etc.

Photo tips...

Try scanning them at around 300 dpi; but don't scan them at the "for web" or "email" setting.  You can crop the photo down to just the size of the actual photo borders... If you can't do the editing of the photo, don't worry; I can resize the photos using Adobe Photoshop Elements; I try to resize them to 400 pixels wide.

Don't reduce down the quality of the photo scans... unless your sending the photo scans by slow "dial-up" Internet.  If you have fast Internet... just send the picture scans at a fairly high quality setting... and I will resize them and format them for web use. 



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