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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stanley Arnold McGuire - family history

Stan writes: This is a picture of my Father and Mother on their wedding day, 1923, George Franklin McGuire and Ada Lee (Cook) McGuire.


Stanley and Monika McGuire - 1985


Stanley and Monika McGuire - 2007



McGuire - Starner Family, Orlando, 02/2008.

From Left, Front row: Monika Jordan McGuire Starner (granddaughter, age 3), Donald Duck (no relation), James Robert (J.R.) McGuire Starner (grandson, age 5). From Left Back row: Monika McGuire, James Robert Starner (son-in-law), Monika Denise McGuire (daughter), Carey Arnold McGuire (son), Stan Arnold McGuire.

Family history and background:

I became involved in genealogy research in the 1980’s. While researching my specific lineage, I wondered about others alive today whose line descends from a common grandparent in my own line. I thought that I would not, in my lifetime, get around to exploring that possibility. Then, I became aware of the use of DNA in genealogy that could answer that very question. I have been pleased with the information I have gained since submitting my own DNA to the Family Tree DNA Project. I recommend the FTDNA to anyone involved in genealogy and I recommend they go to the 67 Marker level as soon as possible.

~ Stanley A. McGuire

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