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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leon Mitchell McGuire - family history


Grandfather - Earnest Richard McGuire Jr.


Leon Mitchell _'Mitch_' McGuire Sr.

Father - Leon Mitchell McGuire Sr. - "Mitch"



Chad, "Mitch" Sr., and Leon Mitchell McGuire Jr.



Leon "Mitch" Jr. and brother Chad


Our Ancestry and family history

This McGuire lineage has been traced back to a James McGuire
States: VA>TN> AL>GA

I will start with James;

James McGuire b:abt 1800 VA - bef 1870 DeKalb? TN
married Mary Polly Lee b: abt 1810 TN - bef 1870 DeKalb? TN.
Polly b: abt 1825 VA
Amanda b: abt 1831 TN
Charlotte b: abt 1834 TN
Josiah b: Sep 1835 TN d: 1900? MO
Horace Lee b: 26 May 1842 DeKalb, TN - 26 May 1916 DeKalb, TN
John b: abt 1845 DeKalb, TN
Harriet C. b: Nov 1851 DeKalb, TN

James served as a DeKalb County Sheriff from 1842 - 1845 & also was part of the Tennessee General Assembly Senate in 1847 (Dem).

Horace Lee married Roxie McCorkle b: Dec 1880 DeKalb, TN - 29 Jun 1937 Limestone, AL. Horace was in his 60's when he fathered these children. Roxie may have been his 3rd marriage.

Ernest Richard Sr. b: 23 Sep 1903 Dekalb, TN - 23 Oct 1969 Fulton, GA
Ray Jackson b: abt 1904 DeKalb, TN
Horace L. b: abt 1905 DeKalb, TN
Jodie b: abt 1908 (Leon Sr. believes she may have been adopted by the McGuire Family)
Henry b: abt 1914 DeKalb, TN

Horace was known to be one of the best at stagecoach driving in TN. After his death Roxie & the children moved to Madison, AL.

Ernest Sr. married Bessie Virgil Gault b: 4 Jun 1906 TN - 17 Oct 1969 Fulton, GA
Melton b: abt 1923
Ernest Richard Jr. b: 28 Feb 1925 Madison, AL - 27 Nov 1973 Fulton, GA

Ernest Sr. & his family were in Hall, GA in the early 1930's & were mostly cotton mill workers.With the Great Depression in the 1930s, Hall County's economy suffered. Cotton production was hampered by infestation of the boll weevil, lumber shipping declined due to the Chestnut blight. They lived in Gainesville when one of the nation's deadliest tornadoes hit Gainesville on 6 Apr 1936, it killed more than 200 people & injured 1000 & obliterated many historic homes
and buildings.

Ernest Jr. married Laura Emaline Stephens b: 22 Nov 1920 Fulton, GA - 2 Jan 1987 Clayton, GA

Ernest Richard 3rd
Leon Mitchell Sr.

Ernest Jr. & Laura also worked in the cotton mills to support their family, they liked traveling, they made numerous trips to OK & TX. When Ernest became sick & disabled they settled in College Park, GA until the Hartsfield International Airport bought the land & they moved to Newnan, GA.

Leon Sr. married Wanda Stewart.

Leon Jr.
(Leon Sr.'s profession was Carpet & Vinyl installation, and his sons have also taken up the trade.)

~ Wanda McGuire

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